Couples in Singapore can file for a divorce on grounds of adultery and prove that this has caused the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. When a person commits adultery, he/she voluntarily engages in sexual intercourse with any person other than his/her spouse.


In the event you are married for less than 3 years and not eligible for divorce, you may still file for annulment of your marriage. This does not mean, however, that an annulment will help you get out of a prematurely broken marriage.

Child Custody & Maintenance

In Singapore, children are entitled to financial support from their biological parents until the age of 21. However, maintenance orders may be extended for children above the age of 21 under certain circumstances- such as if they are pursuing their tertiary education or undergoing national service.

Collaborative Divorce

Upon commencement of divorce, the parties can file a Proposed Parenting Plan (the “Plan”) for their children below 21. This Plan is a written proposal of how each parent shall manage matters relating to their child, such as the child’s residence and education.

Divorce Process

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Family Violence

Parental incarceration refers to the event where either or both parents are imprisoned. This can impact the well-being of the child, especially so when a divorce is also involved.

Filing for Divorce

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Grounds for Divorce

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International Divorce

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Marital Agreements

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Matrimonial Assets & Division

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Pre Divorce Strategy

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Spousal Maintenance

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