Quick Facts on Divorce Based on Adultery in Singapore

divorce based on adultery

If you wish to file for divorce based on adultery, you have to show the Court that:

  • Your spouse has committed adultery; and
  • You find it intolerable to continue living with your spouse.

Requirement 1: Proving that your spouse has committed adultery

  • A person commits adultery when he/she engages in sexual intercourse with a third party voluntarily.

How do you prove that your spouse has committed adultery? This can be done by way of:

  • Confession by your spouse;
  • Catching your spouse red-handed;
  • Evidence from the private investigators; or
  • Your spouse has a child born during the marriage who is not related to you.

Requirement 2: You find it intolerable to continue living with your spouse

  • You must not continue having a marital relationship with your spouse after you discover that he/ she has committed adultery.
  • Time limitation of 6 months
  • You should also note that you need to file for divorce upon discovering your spouse’s last act of adultery within 6 months from the discovery.

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