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The Singapore Divorce Lawyer Blog contains over 350 informative blogs on the Singapore divorce process, from filing to the final stages of divorce.

“Our team of dedicated Singapore divorce lawyers are here to help guide you through the legal process ahead.”

With a team of eleven dedicated divorce lawyers, we can dedicate considerable resources to ensuring our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Founding Lawyer Ms Gloria James has more than 28 years of experience handling divorce and family law proceedings

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you understand your options”

We offer in-person as well as over-the-phone & Zoom consultations.

Our Strengths & Capabilities

team strengths capabilities
team strengths capabilities
  • Team of dedicated divorce lawyers with extensive court and mediation experience to handle complex matrimonial proceedings.
  • Experienced divorce lawyers with excellent track record resolving “high conflict” matrimonial disputes.
  • All our divorce lawyers strive to make the divorce process as hassle-free for our clients as possible.
  • Family law team trained by the Singapore Mediation Centre for dispute resolution.
  • Collaborative Family Practitioner
  • Appointed Child Representative Lawyer (Family Justice Court)
  • Parenting Coordination Lawyer
  • Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre and PDRC
  • Mediator (Family Justice Court & SMC Family Panel)
  • Certificate-in-Mediating Disputes (Harvard Law School)
  • Certificate-in-Mediation Skills ADR (Regent’s University London)

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We are one of the only Singapore divorce law firms offering Litigation, Collaborative Law and Mediation.

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Our divorce lawyers take great pride in the personal attention they deliver to their clients.

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Our divorce lawyers will support & guide you from beginning to end.
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We provide sound strategic representation to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

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The Singapore Divorce Calculator is FREE APP, designed to assist divorcing couples calculate their Home Ownership Contribution ratios, as well as Child Maintenance monthly costs.

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Free Consultation Process

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During the consultation process, our lawyers will;

  • Assess if you meet the conditions to file for divorce in Singapore.
  • Help you understand which fact of divorce is suited for your case.
  • Go through and help you understand the different stages of the divorce process through our customised divorce flow chart.
  • Explain the general law applicable to ancillary matters about custody, access, maintenance, and division of assets.
  • Help you explore your divorce options.

When you engage our services, our divorce lawyers will;

  • Work with you to formulate a divorce strategy that suits your needs and budget
  • Present you with Alternative Dispute Resolution options, to save you time and money
  • Discuss options on how to secure your assets, protect credit cards, joint accounts and minimize joint obligations
  • Negotiate issues related to child & spousal maintenance and joint matrimonial assets
  • Prepare temporary visitation orders and custody arrangements with respect to children
  • Recommend particular health care professionals for high conflict issues involving child custody
  • In case of trial, present you with all possible scenarios that may arise in the family court

Common Divorce Questions

As the Women’s Charter requires, you must prove that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Gloria James-Civetta & Co offers a free 30-minute consultation with one of our divorce lawyers to explain the divorce process and determine whether you qualify for divorce in Singapore.

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Start talking terms with your spouse if you can communicate with them about your intentions to divorce.

  • If you are close to settlement, you will need a lawyer to prepare the divorce papers.
  • If you cannot communicate or discuss things with your spouse, fret not, our divorce lawyers can guide you on the necessary steps.

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If you have been married for over three years, have a reason for the breakdown of the marriage, and have satisfied the jurisdiction requirements, you can file for divorce in Singapore immediately.

Our friendly and dedicated team of divorce lawyersare here to support you throughout any difficulties and challenges you may face during the divorce process.

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The legal process of ending a marriage in Singapore usually takes 5-6 months, providing that it is an uncontested divorce. However, the process can take much longer if spouses cannot agree on finances or childcare arrangements.

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Fixed Fee Uncontested Divorce

Divorce Based On Adultery

You may want to seek professional help from a Private Investigator (PI) or consider filing for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour with
improper association, instead of adultery. But beware, private investigator charges can be higher than the cost of the divorce itself.

Our experienced Singapore divorce lawyers can help you explore alternative grounds to base the divorce proceedings.

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Upon discovering adultery and continuing to live with one’s spouse for more than six months, the aggrieved party cannot claim divorce based on adultery.

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You cannot apply for a divorce in Singapore if you have been married for less than three years unless you have the Court’s permission to do so. This means you need to take out a separate court application prior to commencing Singapore divorce proceedings.

At GJC law, we have a team of highly experienced divorce lawyers who are happy to help you with any of your queries or concerns in regards to nullity applications.

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Annulment in Singapore Explained


Mr H.Y Lee

I was extremely glad that I had Gloria and her team with me during the process. The advice to go with collaborative divorce really helped the transition and how we both saw ourselves supporting our child in the future.