Divorce Podcast

Divorce Podcast

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21 Oct: Podcast: Episode 3:
Common Financial Issues in Divorce

  • What are common marital assets?
  • Can a couple decide on the division of assets by themselves?
  • How is child maintenance determined in Singapore?
  • Is there any starting rate or a minimum amount defined by the court?
  • What constitutes spousal maintenance?
  • Is Spousal maintenance only awarded to Women?
  • Being incapacitated is the only factor for a male to claim support from ex-wife?
  • Can a House-husband claim maintenance?
  • What other myths surrounding the division of marital assets?
  • How is it, when it comes to debts in a divorce settlement?
  • Myths about the division of matrimonial assets
  • Myth about matrimonial gifts
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27 Jul: Podcast: Episode 2:
How to Initiate Divorce in Singapore?

  • How do you initiate divorce proceedings in Singapore?
  • What happens if it’s before three (3) years?
  • What do you mean by Leave of Court?
  • What are the grounds for divorce?
  • What is Unreasonable Behaviour?
  • How to proceed for Divorce in an event where the marriage is just about one (1) year
  • What happens if couple does not meet specific requirements?
  • What is a Postnuptial Agreement?
  • Does the couple have a choice to undo Deed of Separation or Annulment?
  • What is the timeframe to get a divorce?
  • What is the Court Process?
  • How amicable and brutal can divorce get?