Mistakes to Avoid Before Filing for Divorce

Common Divorce Mistakes

The divorce process is a complex and challenging journey. Emotions such as anger, guilt, sadness, and loneliness can lead to decisions that will have financial and emotional long-term effects on the parties involved.

Here are some of the most common divorce mistakes and tips to avoid these pitfalls.

# Not obtaining quality legal advice

Everyone knows someone who has gone through the divorce process. Despite being able to relate to the divorce process, they are not a divorce lawyer. Divorce requires every couple to deal with their unique circumstances and challenges.

  • What worked for a divorced friend may not work for you.
  • Their advice may raise or lower your settlement expectations.
  • They do not know the law and aren’t objective.

“A divorce lawyer who understands your circumstances is the best source of legal advice.”

In divorce, financial assets and children’s futures are at stake. But, regarding your rights and responsibilities during the divorce process, our team of divorce lawyers can provide you with practical and concise legal advice.

At GJC Law, our team of experienced divorce lawyers constantly look at legal updates, case-studies and implement monthly in-house Continuing Professional Development sessions.

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# Using your spouse’s lawyer

Some couples do not believe that hiring divorce lawyers is necessary or that they should follow their spouse’s lawyer’s advice.

“Getting a divorce without the direct advice of a divorce lawyer could be rife with risks.”

Allowing your spouse to convince you not to hire independent counsel to represent your interests may eventually lead you to hire a divorce lawyer to correct your mistakes at a much higher cost.

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# Acting out of anger, revenge, or guilt

It is normal to feel these emotions when going through a divorce. However, it is imperative to maintain a clear head, have clear thoughts, and feel calm during a divorce.

Acting out of emotion leads to higher levels of psychological distress and depression and lower overall health, which can negatively impact decision-making in your divorce.

“Avoid petty vengeance or spiteful behaviour—it’s time to move on to the next stage of your life.”

Making sound decisions regarding your divorce may be easier with the assistance of a divorce coach, therapist, or family counsellor.

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# Lack of financial planning

It is common for the division of assets to become a point of contention if there is no agreement between you and your spouse when contemplating divorce.

Understanding what percentages you are entitled to and what the courts consider when making financial orders is essential.

Our solicitors will work closely with you so that you understand what the percentage equates to in real terms.

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# Not updating your estate plan or will to reflect life changes

Under the Intestate Succession Act, your spouse could inherit as much as HALF of all your properties if you pass away during the divorce process without a Will.

It is crucial to draft a Will or update it before you commence divorce proceedings if you wish to leave your assets to your chosen beneficiaries.

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