Potential Problems with a DIY Divorce

diy divorce

DIY or Do It Yourself seems to be a growing option trend these days, however, you should be aware that getting a divorce without the direct advice of a divorce lawyer, could potentially be rife with risks.

In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on all issues, whether it is matrimonial assets, maintenance, or child custody.

It may be surprising to know that you could save a lot more by involving a lawyer than you would without one. You may eventually end up hiring a divorce lawyer to correct your missteps.

Key Points

  • Getting a divorce without the direct advice of a divorce lawyer, can be rife with risks.
  • Seeking advice from a lawyer will make you aware of all potential issues.
  • You could eventually end up hiring a lawyer to correct your missteps.
  • You need to understand how property should be divided.
  • Parental rights should not be compromised.

It may be surprising to know that you would save a lot more by involving a lawyer than you would without one.

Following are some problems that you may face with a DIY divorce:

Division of Matrimonial Assets

A major issue that couples often fail to identify is what counts as matrimonial assets. People think that all property acquired during the marriage is considered as matrimonial assets. However, it is not that simple.

When the court divides your assets, it also looks at your contribution towards its upkeep and improvement. So, what you may have been assuming as matrimonial assets may not be so, surprising you in court, not pleasantly, of course.

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Child Custody and Parental Rights

If you have children, it is best not to opt for a divorce without lawyers. Child custody, visitation rights and maintenance are very important aspects of a divorce.

  • You may end up losing a lot in the process while trying to save a few dollars.
  • The cost of divorce is not just in terms of money; you are emotionally and mentally invested as well.
  • A good divorce lawyer can help you make decisions that are in the best interest of your children.

Any mistakes in this area will not just impact you but also your children. For instance, when you think of child support, you may assume that it is like any other monthly payment.

However, with children, there are several other costs involved, like medical costs, on-and-off tuition needs, which can often be unexpected. Being uninformed could mean an unfair child support agreement for one parent.

Rectifying these mistakes means that you have to spend a considerable amount of money and time in legal proceedings.

Incorrect Documentation

Incorrect documentation during the divorce proceedings could cause a lot of repercussions in the future.

Let’s say you removed someone from a joint mortgage or incorrectly transferred the title of a property. Do you realise how much money, effort and time undoing these mistakes would cost?

Any divorce proceeding involves a lot of paperwork. Do you have the time and the resources to wade through all this paperwork? Remember, even the smallest oversight could cause big problems.

When choosing a divorce lawyer, opt for a good and experienced one instead of a cheap divorce lawyer.

A divorce is a life-changing decision, and you want to do it right. If you are seeking a divorce in Singapore, a good divorce lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of the process.

You want the divorce to be as smooth and as stress-free as possible, and a good divorce lawyer can ensure that.

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