Rocky Marriage Scenario

rocky marriage

Rocky Marriage Scenario

(Things to do and take note of)

Here’s a snapshot

Spend some time thinking of whether you can save the marriage and what needs to be worked on: Make an appointment to see a marriage counsellor.
Strategy and Knowing your legal rights are important: See an experienced family lawyer. In your consultation, you will learn more about the divorce process, the applicable laws, what immediate steps and data gathering you need to embark on, and divorce A.D.R. options available to achieve an amicable settlement.
Divorce A.D.R options: Pre-divorce Negotiations, Collaborative Family Practice and Mediation.
Deciding to Divorce vs Entering into a Marital Agreement: There are time and cost implications. What if you are not ready to divorce and truly believe that the marriage is just rocky in view of the covid19 situation? Perhaps entering into a Marital Agreement would be a better option as parties would be able to set out their agreed terms.
Types of Marital Agreements: Post-Nuptial: Deed of Separation; Financial Separation Agreement.
Child Abduction Issues: If you have a child, and you are an ex-pat living in Singapore, you will have to take steps to secure the child’s passport/dependant’s pass or if you fear a possible Hague situation.
Relocation: One parent needs to relocate in view of work, best to place parameters to protect your rights and access to a child.
Paper Trail: Emails, whatsApp messages, text message, diary to record important events.
Data Gathering: Keep a record of your expenses, receipts, important documents, recordings.
Conduct and Behaviour: Maintain civility and respect.

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