What are Unbundled Legal Services in Singapore?

unbundeled legal services

Many people seeking a divorce in Singapore believe that when they hire a divorce lawyer, they must handle every aspect of the divorce. But that’s not the case.

Gloria James-Civetta & Co. offer “unbundled legal services,” where you retain them to handle only a specific task or a limited issue in the divorce. Such limited scope representation is usually a much more cost-effective option than full-scope representation.

Key Points

  • “Unbundled Legal Services” allows you to retain your lawyer to handle only a specific task or a limited issue in the divorce.
  • Your lawyer can help you to draft, negotiate, research, help with calculations, coach you to prepare for hearings and evaluate settlement negotiations.
  • You can modify your agreement as you proceed with your case

Limited-scope representation is usually a much more cost-effective option if you have budget restraints.

Divorce lawyers

offering limited scope representation usually provide a wide range of single-project services, including:

  • drafting and filing the initial divorce writ or other specific pleadings
  • negotiating a settlement with an opposing divorce lawyer
  • conducting legal research
  • offering legal advice about your rights and responsibilities
  • helping calculate child or spousal maintenance payments
  • providing step-by-step instructions on filing the divorce petition or other procedural matters
  • coaching on strategy, preparation for court hearings, or settlement negotiations
  • evaluating or mediating a settlement negotiation
  • remaining on standby telephone assistance during negotiations
  • appearing in court for a limited purpose.

Suppose you choose to pursue limited scope representation. In that case, you and your lawyer will enter into an engagement of service contract that identifies the specific projects that the lawyer agrees to handle and the aspects of the divorce that you agree to handle.

Suppose during the process; you realize that you need full-scope representation, after all. In that case, you and your lawyer can always modify the agreement.

Is limited scope representation right for you?

You may want to investigate unbundled legal services for your Singapore divorce if you seek to limit and remain in control of your legal fees. Letting your divorce lawyer handle the most complex aspects of the divorce process while you take care of the more straightforward issues could save you thousands of dollars.

Maybe all you need is for a lawyer to step in at the very end to review your final plan and point out missing details or areas that need more clarity.

Limited scope representation might not be the right option if you’re not ready or not capable of taking responsibility for the aspects of the divorce that your lawyer will not handle.

  1. Do you have the time to learn what responsibilities will be expected of you?
  2. Will you be able to carry out these responsibilities efficiently and effectively?

If you and your spouse are in constant conflict, unable to communicate well, or if there is a domestic abuse situation, limited scope representation may not be in your best interest.

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At Gloria James-Civetta & Co., we offer a range of unbundled legal services in Singapore divorces. Contact us today to determine whether limited scope representation is a good option for you and what kind of limited projects might best suit your needs.

We are ready to help you start your new life.

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