This blog is written by Ms Gloria James-Civetta, a family lawyer in Singapore. The managing partner of Gloria James-Civetta & Co, Ms James was educated in the UK. With more than 18 years of experience handling divorce cases and family law proceedings, Ms James is highly skilled at ensuring everything is taken into consideration in a divorce.

Ms James is an appointed Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre and Primary Dispute Resolution Centre of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore, and is a member of the Family Law Practice Committee of the Law Society Singapore. She is also amongst the first batch of lawyers in Singapore to receive accreditation as a Collaborative Family Practitioner.

Expedited Divorce Proceedings

With effect from 1 April 2014, an expedited hearing track for uncontested divorce proceedings will be in place in Singapore. The following parties may request for divorce proceedings to be expedited:...

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Child Abduction / Relocation

When marriage breaks down for cross-border couples, it inevitably arises where one spouse feels the need to relocate back to his/her homeland with the children. However, when planning such intention t...

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Child Maintenance

Child Maintenance In Singapore, children are entitled to financial support from their biological parents until the age of 21. However, maintenance orders may be extended for children above the age of ...

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Division of Matrimonial Assets in Singapore

  Under Singapore law, the court has the power to order  the division of matrimonial assets in a “just and equitable manner”.[1]Some factors that the court will consider in arriving at a ju...

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Collaborative Divorce FAQs

Is the collaborative Divorce process in Singapore right for me? CFP may be the right choice for you if you seek: a dignified approach to handling your divorce. a fair and non-aggressive resolution o...

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Agreement arrived at Mediation

Agreement arrived at Mediation. There are times when parties engaged in mediation to work out a global settlement. Once a settlement is reached and noted at the mediation, and signed by parties, does ...

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Nominal Maintenance Explained

WHAT IS NOMINAL MAINTENANCE? Commonly known as the $1 maintenance. Under the Women’s Charter, it provides and allows woman to claim for maintenance.A woman can claim for maintenance at any point in ...

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Ancillary Matters Hearing

What is an Ancillary Matters Hearing ? (the stages from obtaining Interim Judgment to Final Judgment) 1. After an interim judgment for divorce is granted, the court will fix a date for an Ancillary ...

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