Simplified Divorce Process – Checklist for Uncontested Divorce

A checklist for Uncontested Divorce process in Singapore. here are the things to note when instructing a divorce lawyer

Uncontested Divorce Singapore – Things to Note when instructing a divorce lawyer:

A. What you need to inform the lawyer

    • Both parties (Party 1 and Party 2) to have a discussion on the ground for divorce on whether it is proceeding as :
      • Fault basis – Adultery OR Unreasonable Behaviour
      • No Fault basis – 3 years separation with consent OR 4 years separation
    • Which party will be the Plaintiff or the Defendant.
    • Do the parties have a settlement? have they reached an agreement on the ancillary issues pertaining to the following:


      • Custody (joint or sole)
      • Care and Control (sole / shared / split)
      • Access (liberal / reasonable / supervised) & (to be specifically detailed or mutually agreed)
      • Maintenance

      Wife Maintenance:

      • $1
      • $ Specific sum per month / for any period of time?
      • or no maintenance
      • or Lump sum maintenance

      Division of Assets:

      • 1. What is the pool?
      • 2. How will it be divided?
      • 3. Any other ancillary issues?
    • Costs – who will bear? One party or shared?

Allow us to take it from here.

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B.The Process

divorce process flow

      • One party (Party1) to engage a lawyer(Lawyer1) to provide the instructions.
      • Lawyer 1 draws up the draft divorce papers. This includes the statement of claim, statement of particulars, terms of settlement and sends to Party 1.
      • Party 1 discusses the 1st draft with Party 2.
      • Party 1 in forms Lawyer 1 of the amendments to be made on the 1st draft (if any), pursuant to discussion with Party 2.
      • Lawyer 1 makes the amendments and sends 2nd draft to Party 1.
      • Party 1 and Party 2 discuss again.
      • Party 2 has the option to seek independent legal advice on the draft divorce papers.
      • In the event Party 2 opts not to, and is in full agreement with the draft divorce papers, Party 1 will then convey to Lawyer 1 to draw up the final paper for the parties’ execution before a Commissioner for Oaths.
      • Party 1 and Party 2, meet with Lawyer 1 and Commissioner for Oaths to sign the papers.
      • Papers are filed in court and set down as an uncontested divorce hearing date is fixed. [Usually 3-4 weeks’ time]
      • Parties’ attendance is dispensed with.
      • Interim Judgment is granted.
      • Final Judgment is extracted in 3 months’ time.

[NB: Mandatory 2-hr counseling session for parents to attend if they have children below the age of 21 yrs. This is conducted before the extraction of the Final Judgment certificate.]

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