I have been married for less than 3 years, can I get a divorce?

married for less than 3 years

Married for less then 3 years? Can you divorce?

Yes, get your lawyers to file an application in Court to seek the Court’s permission to file for divorce.

What reasons must I show to the Court if I seek the permission?

  • That you have suffered exceptional hardship during your marriage; or
  • Your spouse has behaved with exceptional depravity ie behaved unusually bad.

What does exceptional hardship or exceptional depravity mean?

A Singapore high court ruled : Exceptional hardship is something quite out of the ordinary and more than what an ordinary person should reasonably be asked to bear.

How should the court consider this rule?

It is necessary for the court to consider whether the allegations made were such that, if proved, would amount to exceptional hardship.

The court could take into consideration hardship arising from the past conduct of the other spouse, the present hardship as well as hardship arising from having to wait for the three-year bar to elapse.

The hardship suffered must be something out of the ordinary, judged by the prevailing standards of acceptable behaviour between spouses.

Is there anything else I must do to support my case?

It is highly recommended to get a psychiatrist report to support your court application.

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