First Divorce Counselling Session – What The Court Will Ask You

divorce counselling

What questions will you be asked during the 1st counselling session at the Family court?

These are the likely 15 questions:

  1. Do you agree to joint custody? Or you seek sole custody?
  2. Do you want to have care and control (i.e. the child lives with you and you are the child’s main care-giver)
  3. Do you want only access to the child? What type of access?
  4. Who has been the main care-giver for most of the child’s life?
  5. Who is the current care-giver?
  6. Who is the child close to?
  7. What is the child’s daily routine?
  8. What are your working hours or regular schedule?
  9. What is the child’s favourite activity?
  10. What do you talk about or do with your child?
  11. How is the child’s relationship with you?
  12. Are you in a relationship with a third party? If so, how is the child’s relationship with the third party?
  13. What care arrangements will you make if you have care and control?
  14. If you only want access, what is the duration of access you wish to have?
  15. If you have care and control, what type of access are you prepared to give?
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