When Divorce Proceeds to Litigation

divorce litigationThis article will share with you what exactly is a proper opening statement and how it is essential when a case proceeds to litigation.

While we often encourage our clients to take the mediation route, we have also had a good bulk of cases where parties were unable to come to an agreement during mediation.

Inevitably, these cases will then have to proceed to litigation (also known as going to trial) and the Court will have to make a decision for parties.\

What is a proper opening statement?

It is akin to a summary setting out the essence of your case in relation to the facts and the relevant law.

The purposes of an opening statement are as follows:

  • Sets out clearly the disputable and indisputable issues in relation to the case;
  • Assists the Judge in understanding the factual matrix of the case;
  • Assists the Judge on what he/she is to identify when being presented with arguments and evidence from lawyers; and
  • Provides clarification of the issues so that no time is wasted arguing on irrelevant and undisputed issues.

A good opening statement achieves these purposes while being succinct at the same time. Our Singapore Divorce Lawyers have vast experience in matters proceeding to litigation and preparing a proper opening statement.

Clients at GJC Law, can rest assured that we will put your best case forward by way of our arguments, drafting of documents and of course a proper opening statement.

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