Designing a Holiday Child Custody Plan as Co-Parents


Ensuring that a child grows up with the presence of both parents is imperative in his/her upbringing. As the court in Singapore puts the child’s well-being as a priority after a divorce, parents are expected to co-parent their children until they turn 21.

While co-parenting a young child, it is important to ensure that the child is well-engaged during his/her free time and/or during the school holidays. In such cases, parents must take active steps in planning out a holiday child custody plan that allows the child to spend equal time with both parents.

While such planning may be sketched out in the parenting plan, here are some important points you must take note of when designing a plan specifically for the holidays.

Take note of the length of holidays and frequency of occurrence

In Singapore, we have numerous public holidays on top of the traditional school holidays. As such, the parenting plan can divide these holidays equally between the two parents as part of the vacation schedule.

There are many ways to approach this. For instance, parents can divide the months or number of public holidays between themselves beforehand and set aside time for the child according to the custody plan.

Both parties, however, must participate in the discussion as they have to mutually agree on the final decision and take responsibility to fulfil the obligation.

Special family events that become part of the holiday schedule

At times, certain family events can be incorporated into the holiday schedule insofar as both parties agree. Some examples of family events can be weddings and birthday parties.

Since such events cannot be pre-planned at the time when the parenting plan is devised, parents can mutually agree on allowing either party to request for extended access periods so that the child can participate in the events with them.

Incorporating studying and other co-curricular activities

The school holidays should not be all play. For the child to grow, both parents must take significant steps to raise the child holistically.

As such, both parents must ensure that sufficient academic and enrichment time is incorporated in the holiday child custody plan during their respective time with their child.

In this way, the child will be able to learn from both parents. This can be achieved by, for instance, coaching the child on schoolwork, encouraging him/her to watch educational videos, fostering reading as a hobby or engaging them in volunteer activities.

Such activities can help both the parent and child to bond. Apart from that, the child can also participate in co-curricular activities in school. Both parents must take responsibility to make sure that the child fulfils his/her obligations in school.

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