Navigating Parental Alienation in Divorce Cases

Navigating Parental Alienation

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly challenging and stressful experience, especially when there are children involved.

One of the most challenging issues during a divorce is parental alienation, which happens when one parent attempts to interfere with or disrupt the relationship between the other parent and their child.

This blog post will explore the root causes of parental alienation and explain how a divorce lawyer can help you navigate it.

Root Causes of Parental Alienation

There are many possible root causes of parental alienation; however, the most common ones include the following;

  • power dynamics between parents,
  • unresolved feelings from past relationships,
  • fear of abandonment,
  • mental health issues,
  • even substance abuse,
  • a history of violence in the relationship,
  • either or both parents having new partners; or
  • high-conflict.

It is important to note that parental alienation can occur without either parent’s intent or awareness. However, it can seriously affect the relationship between parents and children if left unchecked.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to identify parental alienation when it occurs, as few people admit they are doing something wrong.

That said, some signs to look out for include a child expressing negative emotions towards one parent or refusing to spend time with them, one parent speaking negatively about the other in front of their children, or one parent trying to control interactions between their ex-spouse and the child.

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How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help

If you’re going through a divorce and believe parental alienation is occurring, then it is essential that you seek help from an experienced divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

An experienced family lawyer will be able to assess your case carefully and provide advice on what legal steps should be taken. It could involve filing court orders specifying visitation times or even pursuing legal action against your ex-spouse if necessary.

In addition, they can also provide emotional support during this challenging time by helping you understand your rights and advocating on your behalf.


No matter what type of family situation you find yourself in—whether you’re separated, still married, or divorced—parental alienation is unacceptable and not be tolerated under any circumstances.

“Children whose parents alienate them are more likely to develop low self-esteem, perceive things negatively, or have difficulty coping with stress.”

If you believe that your ex-spouse is engaging in this kind of behaviour, then you must seek out professional help from an experienced family lawyer as soon as possible so they can help protect your rights as a parent while also helping ensure that your child has access to both parents during this difficult time.

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