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Collaborative trained lawyers play an important role in assisting parties to reach an agreement, both by providing the necessary advice so that parties can make informed decisions and by assisting in negotiations.

Below, we touch on the time and cost-saving role that mediation has on divorcing couples and how it softens the impact on their children.

Reaching an agreement

The majority of separating couples in Singapore are able to reach an agreement in relation to arrangements for their children, and financial issues.

Even in cases where one party has initiated divorce proceedings in court, parties reach an agreement assisted by the family court process.

Moving forward

Divorcing couples may use the services of trained family law mediators to help them reach an agreement on all their issues.

Parties can engage the services of their own lawyers and engage the Collaborative Divorce Process, these specially trained divorce lawyers, play an important role in assisting couples to reach an agreement, by providing the necessary advice so that they can make informed decisions, and by assisting in negotiations.

Benefits of mediation on children

The emotional stress that divorce has on children can be avoided if parties can agree on the arrangements for their children after they separate.

The way to move forward is to enter into a written parenting plan which records the agreed arrangements.

If couples cannot agree on the arrangements for their children, the Family Court will have to be called in to make a final decision.

The issues involved in the care, welfare and development of children are complex, and any decisions that divorcing couples make now will more than likely have significant implications for the future.

Consult a family lawyer

Ms. Gloria James-Civetta is a Family lawyer who is an accredited Collaborative Law Practitioner and Mediator, she is trained to ensure that all important issues affecting your future are discussed and addressed so that you can establish if mediating your divorce is right for you.

As a Collaborative Family practitioner, Ms. James has presided over numerous cases with successful resolutions throughout Singapore.

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gloria james

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