Compulsory Councelling & Mediation—Child Focused Resolution Centre

It is mandatory for all couples with children below 21 years of age to go for counseling and mediation once they file for divorce.

Where there are children to the marriage, the law encourages parties to reduce acrimony and work together in making decisions for their children. Providing counseling and/or mediation early will help the parties undergoing divorce proceedings to focus on the best interests and welfare of their children when making decisions on parenting and care arrangements.

CFRCs are mediated by trained judge-mediators and family counsellors. The purpose of such counselling sessions is to allow both parties to settle issues of custody and access amicably in a non-adverserial court setting, and negotiate the dynamics of co-parenting after divorce.

CFRCs usually take place in the period between the filing of divorce papers and the first divorce hearing. The general process for a CFRC is:

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