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Head Lawyer: Gloria James-Civetta

Senior Lawyers
– Yvonne Schelkis-Sweeney
– Chong Xin Yi (Liesel)
– Sandra Ong
Associate Lawyers
– Sara Aziz
– Lena Tan
– Nicole Thong Xiao Ying
– Sheryl Keith Sandhu
– Keegan Lee Zhi Han

Ms James has been representing both Local and Expat clients for 25 years.

Ms Gloria James-Civetta is a certified:

  • Collaborative Family Practitioner
  • Parenting Coordination Lawyer
  • Child Representative Lawyer
  • Associate Mediator
  • Family Mediator
  • Primary Justice Lawyer
  • Certified CDC Divorce Coach®
  • Harvard Law School trained Mediator

Being trained in these areas helps our company provide additional valued services to our clients, allowing them to consider various options and avenues in taking their case forward.

With our track record and experience, we can help our clients achieve earlier settlements at a mediation/negotiation stages to keep legal fees to a minimum and prevent further undue stress or anxiety.

Our practice areas:

  • Local, contested and uncontested divorces
  • High-Net-Worth Local and Expat contested divorces and family disputes
  • Cross-border International Divorces and Family Disputes involving various jurisdictions – UK, Australia, USA, Europe, Indonesia, China and South East Asian countries.

Yes, during your first consultation, you will speak directly with one of our family lawyers FREE of charge.

Our lawyer will:

    1. A lawyer will be assigned to you based on your personal needs so that you can obtain the best
      possible outcome in your case.
    2. Explain how the divorce process in Singapore works
    3. Address your questions and concerns
    4. Explain the choices you have

When you engage our services, we will work with you and agree on a strategy or path to follow.

Our philosophy is that “Every Client’s Case is as Unique as it is Important to us”.

We will review and dispense open, honest, and transparent Family Law advice with regard to your particular set of circumstances and make recommendations and strategies that can be applied to your case.

We will explore the process, choices, and the likelihood of success or otherwise of any proposed course of action and commit to working to stay as close to your budget as possible.

Simply put, our duty is to dispense advice based on law and our extensive years of experience and previous precedents.

  • Cases only go through the litigation route (trial) only when all other avenues have failed.
  • Trial is always the last resort as we are mindful over costs.

Sometimes we take cases to trial when the other party is very unreasonable and make demands that warrant a judge to make a court order. What we strive to achieve is a fair balance and the best possible results for our clients in the alternative avenues and trial process if needed.

Assets worth more than $5M

In the event parties’ property or matrimonial assets gross value amount to more than $5M, your matter will be heard and determined by the Family Division of High Court.

Division of Matrimonial Assets – Long Marriages vs Short Marriages

Generally, in determining the division of matrimonial assets, the Court is guided by the ‘Just and Equitable’ principle. Further, the Court will consider the length of parties’ marriage and whether it was a dual or single income marriage.

For clarity, a dual-income marriage is where both parties have worked for most of the marriage. On the other hand, a single-income marriage is where one spouse is the sole breadwinner and the other spouse is a homemaker for the entire marriage.

For long marriages, the Court will tend towards an equal division in the division of matrimonial assets. However, there are some nuances between long dual-income marriages and long single-income marriages. For more information, you can contact our Singapore Divorce Lawyers who can explain to you in greater detail.


In the event parties’ child or children are below the age of 21 years old, parties must attend counselling and mediation sessions conducted by the Family Justice Courts. The purpose of these sessions is for parties to discuss child/ children issues. Very often, we have clients who say that they find it impossible to have a conversation with their spouse.

Sometimes, parties will let their emotions get the better of them, and unintentionally their child/ children’s welfare will be at stake. Do not worry as there will be an independent mediator who is often a judge or ex-judge who will be assisting parties to try to reach an amicable settlement for the sole purpose of the welfare of the child/ children.

Maintenance for Incapacitated Husband

It used to be the case where only a wife was entitled to maintenance from the husband. The husband was not entitled to any form of maintenance for himself and the closest that a husband could get was an order of no maintenance for the wife.

Recently legislation has allowed for an incapacitated husband to claim for maintenance. In order for an incapacitated husband to do so, he has to fulfil the following:-

  • Incapacity was before or during the course of the marriage;
  • Unable to earn a livelihood
  • Unable to support himself
  • Unable to support himself when the maintenance application is heard

Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist divorce lawyers if you need further clarifications.

At Gloria James-Civetta & Co, our family lawyers understand Singapore law and how to protect your rights throughout the Divorce or Mediation process. We have the experience you need to protect your interests and your future.

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