Duty of Parents According to Section 46 (1) of the Women’s Charter

duty of parents

It is important to understand that the Family Court of Singapore, under Section 46 (1) of the Women`s Charter, sets out the rights and duties expected of parents.

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Section 46.

—(1) Upon the solemnization of marriage, the husband and the wife shall be mutually bound to co-operate with each other in safeguarding the interests of the union and in caring and providing for the children.

The “twin objectives

  • The Law demands that married couple are to regard their relationship as “an equal cooperative partnership of their different efforts for their mutual benefit”. Thus, a spouse should always act in reasonable consideration of the other with full respect for their partnership in marriage.
  • The Law requires that the parents co-operate with one another as best as they are able to and always act in pursuit of the well-being of their child. Thus imposing a duty on parents to act and protect and advocate what is the best interest of the child, placing their paramount on TOP of theirs. Duty is on the parents to co-operate and work towards this goal and what’s best for their child.

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