Determining Maintenance – What the Court Will Ask You

determining maintenance

During mediation, in determining the issue of maintenance and what is the reasonable amount to be awarded to the spouse and/or children, you may be asked the following questions:

  1. What is your educational level?
  2. What is your monthly income?
  3. What is your future career plan?
  4. Do you have health problems or disabilities?
  5. Do your children suffer from health problems or disabilities or have special needs?
  6. Do your children intend to pursue tertiary education?
  7. What is the standard of living arrangements before the divorce?
  8. What is your living arrangements now?
  9. Did you receive any monthly maintenance in the marriage period?
  10. Any relocation plans?
  11. Age of parties.
  12. Ability to retrain/reskill.
  13. List of monthly expenses for each child.
  14. List of monthly expenses for spouse.
  15. List of household expenses.

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