Achieving a Successful Divorce Against a Narcissist Spouse by Gloria James

divorce a narcissist spouse

In a divorce, the goal of both spouses is usually to get through the process with as little stress and drama as possible.

Unfortunately, a high-conflict divorce is virtually guaranteed when divorcing a narcissist, where drama and conflict are the norms.

It might seem impossible, daunting, and unachievable. Don’t give up!

With these six strategy tips, you can embark on your divorce journey with confidence.

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Understand the Narcissist’s mindset.

Challenging you is the operative word. The Narcissist is out to win and will make the divorce battle a game where “winning at all cost” is the goal. Making matters worse, narcissists refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem. Therefore, you need to analyze every challenge thrown at you as the self-serving Narcissist seeks to maintain power and control over you.

Know your negotiables and non-negotiables.

Before you commence negotiations or file for divorce, it’s important to establish the settlement you have in mind. You also need to do your data and evidence gathering before knowing what settlement looks like to you. Once you have done your homework, it is easier to navigate the divorce battle.

Take a stand and make no compromise.

When the process commences, be ready, be steady and be confident. Do not waver nor be taken aback if caught by surprise. Always reel in with your lawyer to analyze and plan your next steps.

Move the process and be prepared for court litigation.

When the Court process begins, ensure that timelines are met. Only ask for an extension of time when necessary. The process needs to move from negotiations to mediation and finally to court litigation. As a Narcissist seeks to win, do not expect for a settlement during negotiation or at mediation.

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Anticipate the Narcissist’s next move.

Narcissists are predictable people, and by now, you will know what their motivations and intentions are. Always play devil’s advocate and put yourself in the Narcissist’s shoes. On an almost daily basis, you are likely to receive email/fax correspondences with short timelines. Do not feel overwhelmed, and stay strong.

Choose the right lawyer.

Your lawyer and legal support team is the key to your progress in the process. Our emphatic senior divorce lawyers have experience in coaching, counselling, negotiations and mediation.

At Gloria James-Civetta & Co., we have the experience to help you plan the roadmap to settlement.

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