Pre Divorce Strategy

“If you’re considering Divorce, it can hard to know where to begin. As a Singapore divorce lawyer with over 28 years of experience, my advice is to start thinking about protecting your rights, even if you’re not ready to initiate the process” - Gloria James

These rights may include Child Custody and Care & control, the right to Child Maintenance, Property Rights, or Spousal Maintenance.

By taking steps to protect these interests now, you’ll be in a stronger position and feel more in control if you decide that Divorce is the best solution.

Our articles will help you understand what steps to take if you are considering Divorce and prepare yourself and understand the issues you will be facing.

These include:

  • telling your spouse, you want a Divorce
  • establishing priorities for your Divorce
  • the emotions that fit into a Divorce
  • the benefits of working with a team of Divorce Lawyers
  • the importance of a well-drafted Divorce Agreement
  • ways to reduce your divorce costs, and much more