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If you have children, you may have an overwhelming desire to take them back to your home country.

Removing the children from Singapore without the permission of the other parent could amount to child abduction.

Therefore, it is essential that you seek legal advice from an experienced international matrimonial lawyer about the rules and ramifications of removing children from Singapore without your spouse’s agreement.

It is likely that you will require the court’s permission.

If you and your spouse wish to live in different countries following your divorce in Singapore, issues will have to be addressed about where and with whom the children will live, as well as arrangements put into place for contact between the children and their ‘non-resident’ parent.

Cross-border divorces are far from straightforward and the legal implications complex, having a clear understanding of the potential issues that will arise and how they should be addressed and resolved will enable you to deal with these issues more swiftly.

You should contact an experienced international Divorce Lawyer to help you check your position before discussing which way to move forward in your case.

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