5 Things You Need to Know Before Filing for Divorce

5 important things that a divorcing couple should know before filing for divorce in Singapore

In this article we talk about 5 important things that a divorcing couple should know before filing for divorce in Singapore

Grounds For Divorce

Divorce in Singapore is based on ‘irretrievable breakdown‘ but this claim must be backed by evidence of one or more of the following:

  • adultery
  • unreasonable behaviour
  • desertion
  • 3 years separation with consent or 4 years separation without consent.

Adultery or Improper Association

If you don’t have photographic evidence of ‘adultery‘, you can still file under ‘improper association‘ and bring in the 3rd party as a co-defendant to answer to your claims.

Contesting The Grounds For Divorce

More often than not, there is no point in contesting the grounds for divorce because the fact that one party to the marriage has proceeded to file their petition for divorce is a clear indication that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

The grounds for divorce may be toned down to avoid escalating the conflict.

Bearing on the Division Of Assets and Children Issues

In the vast majority of cases, the chosen grounds for divorce have absolutely no bearing on the division of matrimonial assetscare and control or access to children.

Contested Or Uncontested Divorce

Unless you and your spouse disagree about the division of assets, arrangements for children, or finances, there is no need to go to court.

Your lawyer must be a trained mediator / Collaborative law practitioner, offering these optional services as a cost-saving alternative to the costly courtroom battle before a judge.

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