How to Save Money and Avoid a Costly Divorce in Singapore
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Ways to Reduce Your Legal Costs

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Be an active participant in your own case

Family law cases require the production of lots of information. This can include financial documents, photographs, timelines of events, etc. Be proactive and provide your lawyers with copies of any documents, photographs or other items you believe may be pertinent to your case.  If there is an update or an incident occurs that could have an impact on your case, let your lawyer know.

Respond to requests from your lawyer in a timely fashion

Many aspects of your family law case, such as discovery, are time sensitive in nature. If your lawyer sends you a document and tells you it needs to be affirmed or sends discovery requests and gives you a deadline it is very important you respond quickly. Your lack of response can cause the lawyer to make multiple attempts to contact you, all of which are being billed to you.

Make the paralegals your friends

You are entitled to speak to your lawyer about issues relevant to your case, but paralegals are often just as informed about your case and can provide the same amount of information that your lawyer can. At least it can keep your legal costs lower.

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