Meeting with Divorce Lawyer - Question to ask your Divorce Lawyer
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First Meeting with Divorce Lawyer


So What do you do? What Happens During The First Meeting? What do you need to bring?

1. What Do You Do?

Firstly, have an idea as to what you are going to ask the lawyer.

Come with a list of questions and doubts you have – technically, ask questions that are lingering in your mind and in your head.

2. What happens at the meeting?

The lawyer usually go through a list of questions to obtain data about the parties :

  • Length of marriage,
  • Place of marriage,
  • No. of children
  • Details of the parties and personal background
  • History of the marriage,
  • Whether it is likely to be an uncontested or contested divorce,
  • Brief financial position

The lawyer will explain the various court process and legal fees. The first consultation can take at least 20 mins to an hour.

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3. What should you bring?

  • Marriage certificate copy
  • Birth certificate copy of the children
  • CPF / mortgage loan statement on property
  • Cheque Deposit

What if you come without these documents?

Fret not. Do not feel that you have to final all of these before you consult the lawyer.

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