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Termination of Marriage Flowchart

Do you and your spouse agree to terminate the marriage with agreement on the grounds and all ancillary issues? i.e. Property Division, Child Custody (Care & Control), Maintenance Issues & Splitting of other Joint Assets (where applicable)

Court Litigation Process


Not Sure


You and your spouse may wish to consider the following mediation options in order to reach agreement:

– Private Mediation

– 4-way Mediation

– Collaborative Divorce

If you are filing for divorce on a fault basis, you may still negotiative ancillary issues after filing for divorce on a fault basis

Private Mediation before filing for an uncontested consert divorce

4-way Mediation between parties & their lawyers

Collaborative Divorce

Was agreement reached?



Parties proceed to file for an Uncontested Consent Divorce

Parties file for Divorce on a Contested basis