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Divorce Proceedings: CPF and HDB Standard Queries


If you are filing for a divorce in Singapore and have a HDB flat as a matrimonial asset, you will need to fill a HDB (Housing and Development Board) standard query form.

If you are a CPF (Central Provident Fund) member, aged 55 and above, you will have to fill a CPF standard query form. These queries form part of your Matrimonial Property Plan, which will be filed in conjunction to your divorce papers. Without them, you will not be able to commence a divorce filing.

The purpose of these queries helps assist the court with:

  • How the flat should be distributed amongst the parties
  • HBD’s consent or objects to Matrimonial property proposals
  • Whether there are HDB policies that affect the property

There are two scenarios to do procedure:

Frist scenario: Parties have settled division of HDB flat before the divorce

  • Parties required to draw up an agreed matrimonial property plan, consisting of the division of proceeds to be made within which the flat is disposed. This will have to be approved on the HDB and Central Provident Fund Board and filed with the divorce petition in court.

Second scenario: Parties have not settled the division of the HDB flat before the divorce

  • When parties have not settled the division of the HDB flat before the divorce, the petitioner shall file a proposed matrimonial property plan. The final plan will contain a summary of basic information of the flats and positions of parties, assisting the court during mediation and hearing.
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